Things to do in Leh

Things to do in Leh If you are thinking about what to do in Leh then just relax as there are many top things to do in Leh. Some of the best things to do in Leh are visiting Leh Festival, Shopping in Leh, cycling in Leh Ladakh, leh trekking, leh bike trip, etc. Check out in detail about interesting activities in Leh below.

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Leh Festival

Leh Festival Ladakh is a land where you will get to witness amazing and colourful festivals commemorated by the monks and local people. The local people commemorate these festivals as per the Buddhist calendar. If you want to explore the amazing rich culture and traditions of this Leh Ladakh, you must visit the amazing Hemis festival and Ladakh festival. Visiting these Leh Festival is among the adventure activities in Leh.
Hemis Festival: The Hemis Festival is commemorated to honor the birth of the guru Padmasambhava who founded the tantric Buddhism in Tibet. The Hemis Festival is celebrated every year in the month of June or July. The Hemis Monastery host the Hemis Festival. Losar Festival: Losar Festival is commemorated in the 11th month as per Tibetan calendar. The Losar Festival is also one of the amazing festivals in Leh where you can see various ladakh cultural dance forms.
Ladakh Festival: The Ladakh Festival is celebrated during the first weeks of September. Ladakh Festival is a unique and mesmerizing festival which includes eye-catching ceremonial costumes and stunning mask dances paraded by groups across the lanes of Leh.

Shopping in Leh

Shopping in Leh Shopping in Leh is truly memorable and visiting the local market of Leh is a best way of communicating with the locals and knowing about their tradition and customs. Leh Market is famous for unique items such as pearls, semi-precious stones, tribal jewellery, organic products and amazing local handicrafts. Shopping in Leh is also among the best Leh things to do for spending quality time with family. Leh Market is located nearby our Hotel Grand Willow Leh.
Pashmina Shawls : Leh local market is also famous for Pashmina Shawls. Pashmina Shawls are very smooth, soft and beautiful. Every woman would love to add this lovely pashmina shawl to their wardrobe. Pashmina Shawl is made up of cashmere wool. The cashmere wool is soft wool which comes from the pashmina or changthangi goat. The pashmina goat can be seen in the high regions of Himalayan ranges.
Prayer Wheels : Prayer Wheels is a spiritual item which has a cylindrical wheel mounted on a spindle made up of coarse cotton, stone, Leather, wood and metal.
Buddhist Relics : It is said that Buddhist Relics that are the original parts of lord Buddha's body still exist which includes the religious relic of his tooth.

Cycling in Leh Ladakh

Cycling in Leh Ladakh Cycling in Leh Ladakh on the rocky trails of this beautiful and scenic landscape of Leh Ladakh is a unique and memorable experience. Cycling in Ladakh is among the memorable adventure activities in Leh. Manali to Leh cycling expedition is a memorable and scenic ride travelling through some of the highest mountain passes in the world. The Leh cycling expedition is truly most challenging rides. Crossing through amazing trails while Himalayas serving as the perfect scenic background, one can travel through Tanglang La, which is the world' second highest motorable road located at a height of 5280 meters before entering Manali. Cycling in Leh Ladakh is one of the best things to do in Leh.

Leh Bike Trip

Leh Bike Trip Leh Bike Trip is also one of the memorable adventure activities in Leh. You can hire a bike and hit the road of Leh and explore the amazing surrounding scenic places. Riding around this picturesque scenic place is truly among the top things to do in Leh.

Leh Trekking

Leh Trekking One of the best adventure activities in Leh is Leh trekking. Trekking in Leh Ladakh on the rocky and difficult slopes of the Himalayan ranges surrounded by thick dense forests and lush green landscapes. Leh Trekking is one of the adventure activities in Leh, which will make your Leh tour a memorable one.

Jeep Safari in Leh

Jeep Safari in Leh An amazing jeep safari on the scenic landscape of Leh Ladakh is truly mind-blowing and unforgettable journey. If you have to travel several miles, then the perfect way to enjoy your journey is to hire a Jeep which will make your journey adventurous, memorable and comfortable. Jeep Safari in Leh is one of the best Leh things to do for adventure.

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